• We are open 7 days a week.
  • Ice fishing is a winter sport so you will need to dress accordingly. Even though the huts are warm, you could encounter water or slush on top of the ice and the temperatures are much colder than on land. Water proof boots and warm clothes are strongly recommended.
  • You need your own fishing equipment. We supply your bait, minnow pails, landing nets, and stands for tip ups.
  • You will need a valid fishing license prior to arriving at our office. We do not sell them here.
  • Pack a lunch for your day on the lake. There is a cook stove in each hut to warm up your food. Please do not wash greasy frying pans in the ice holes as the oil lays on top of the water and ruins the hole for you and the next people fishing.
  • Please bring a bag for your garbage, as you will need to collect all your belongings, including your trash to take back home.
  • Keep the huts and bottom of our lake clean. Accidents happen, but if anything is found intentionally thrown down the holes such as fish carcasses, or garbage, the renter will be charged for the clean up.
  • Each of our fishing grounds has an outhouse for your convenience.
  • Augers are permitted with restrictions. There are to be no holes drilled close to the huts, behind or in between the huts or close to the outhouse where people could accidentally step in them. Augers are not permitted if the snow is deep around the hut or slush is present.


If you are between the ages of 18 and 64, then you are required to have a valid Ontario Fishing Licence and have it with you when you go out fishing.

We do not sell fishing licences, and there is no nearby location that does. Please be sure to get yours in advance.